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Gynaecology Scans

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (pCOS) Scan: £110

If your GP believes you might have polycystic ovarian syndrome, then you have come to the right place; here at Ultrasound Plus, we can offer women with PCOS access to highly advanced ultrasound tests to confirm the diagnosis.

 What does A polycystic ovary syndrome ultrasound include?

  • Detailed report and images sent electronically
  • May involve a transvaginal/internal scan
  • 20 minute appointment
  • Same day results
  • No GP referral required

Please note:
We only scan patients over the age of 18 years

If your GP believes you might have polycystic ovarian syndrome, then you have come to the right place; here at Ultrasound Plus, we can offer women with PCOS access to highly advanced ultrasound tests to confirm the diagnosis.

If this sounds like a service you are interested in, be sure to contact one of our professional sonographers today to make an appointment. The diagnostic criteria have requirements that need to be met, and our team can help get you a diagnosis of PCOS, which may have eluded you for several years.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Whether your doctor or GP has referred you or you have self-referred yourself for an ultrasound scan to check for polycystic ovaries, you have come to the right place we can provide you with ovarian imaging here at Ultrasound Plus. The polycystic ovarian disease can be incredibly painful, and we want to help you get your diagnosis if you are suffering from this.

During a polycystic ovary syndrome ultrasound, we will provide a detailed report and images to assess any signs that indicate polycystic ovary syndrome. This will include locating and assessing any instances of multiple follicles/cysts in the ovaries.

Women with PCOS will more than likely be diagnosed with polycystic ovaries due to androgen excess, a male hormone, which could mean insulin resistance; ovarian imaging is essential to access several symptoms associated with polycystic ovaries and bilateral polycystic ovaries.

If you require a female sonographer, please inform our advisors at the time of booking. We do recommend that you come with a full bladder, as we will do a tummy pelvic scan and will then ask you to empty your bladder to do a trans vaginal scan with your consent. This means the ultrasound probe will be inserted into the vagina to get the best images of your reproductive system possible. Please do not worry. This procedure is painless.

What Are The Three Common Causes Of Polycystic Ovaries?

When it comes to diagnosing PCOS, three factors need to be met, ovarian dysfunction might not always be down to polycystic ovary syndrome, but these three reasons make it more likely.

The three main symptoms of PCOS are:

  • Irregular periods – which means your ovaries do not regularly release eggs (ovulation), meaning you have irregular menstrual cycle patterns
  • Excess androgen – High levels of male hormones in your body, meaning you may have excessive hair growth or a larger physique.
  • Polycystic ovaries – This is where your ovaries have become enlarged fluid-filled sacs (follicles) that surround your egg; despite the name, if you are told you have these, you may not have polycystic ovarian syndrome PCOS.

To be diagnosed with polycystic ovaries, you must have at least two of these symptoms for a GP or doctors to definitively diagnose PCOS. More often or not, an ultrasound scan will be able to detect whether you have polycystic ovary syndrome, but sometimes blood tests may also be required.

How To Treat Polycystic Ovary Syndrome?

Unfortunately, there is no cure for polycystic ovaries, but your symptoms can be treated; the first step is to discuss your PCOS diagnosis with your doctor or GP. You may find that if you do have polycystic ovaries and are overweight, the best thing you can do is try and make a healthy lifestyle change. This will not only help with your polycystic ovary syndrome, but it will help with cardiovascular risk factors, metabolic syndrome and your blood pressure. Weight loss will help reduce the symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome.

Medicine is also available on the market to treat symptoms such as excess hair growth, irregular periods, hormone levels, fertility problems and also for if you have insulin resistance. If you are struggling with fertility medicine and it is not adequate, your GP might recommend a simple laparoscopic ovarian drilling (LOD) procedure. If this is needed, they will discuss this with you at your appointment.

This involves using heat or a laser to destroy the tissue in the ovaries producing androgens, such as testosterone. Polycystic ovary syndrome PCOS is manageable at all levels, and you still have good ovarian volumes; with treatment, most women with PCOS can get pregnant.

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